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Check out the updated history on the About Us page.

Big Daddy and Sons is Now in our 16th year on the Venice boardwalk serving fresh food served on our signature surfboard table. Food service has run in our family since 1928. We serve more than food, party/event planning and restaurant consulting. We have catered groups from 20 to 7,000 people!

We have taken the County Fair to Venice Beach! Our Fried Oreos on a stick, we are told is one of the best things some people have ever had! We love to hear that stuff!
Granny Smith Apple slices in a churro crust with cinnamon and sugar is like your own fresh apple pie... by the bite!

Video : Tonan Live! Venice Skate Association and Big Daddy's Pizza YOUTUBE

Video : Tonan Skateboarding and it's the water in our Pizza dough! YOUTUBE

Actual Review written 6/11/2011 Yelp Review by Yvonne M

Perfect Venice Beach food! funnel
I ordered the fish tacos, onion rings with fries and funnel cake.
The fish tacos were huge! I made 4 tacos out of two. They were perfectly crisp and totally passed my taco test.
Onion rings were great but the fries, not so much.
Now to my favorite part, the funnel cake! DELICIOUS. That's all you really need to know.

I heard the pizza was amazing and would also really love to go back to try their apple fries and deep fried oreos.
Can you say fat girl? ;)


Regina V from Carlsbad wrote

4/21/2011 Review is from Yelp

Big Daddy and Sons was the perfect end to our beach day at Venice Beach. Starved, my boyfriend and I were pulled in to this joint by the decor and variety of food. Burritos, pizza, tacos, hotdogs, you name it. Plus an assortment of desserts which I unfortunately didn't get to but everyone around me was munching down on a funnel cake so I bet they were awesome..There was a sign that read "WROLDS BEST FUNNEL CAKE" so I guess it really must be out of this world good..Haha. Plus..oreo stuffed donut?! Gimme.

But here's what we munched on. I got an LA Dog and two fish tacos-about eight bucks total. The LA Dog was simple but probably the best hot dog I've ever had and I don't even know why. It had a thin piece of bacon wrapped around the dog and was covered in caramelized onions and BBQ sauce. YUM. My fish tacos were good..they're better at Rubio's but I'm not complaining.

My boyfriend got a double cheeseburger and he says that it was AMAZING. They used cabbage instead of lettuce which was a little strange. Not sure if that's their thing or if they ran out of lettuce. The burger was greasy and delicious-a perfect boardwalk meal, only  or 8 bucks for a combo.

We are definitely coming back on our next trip to Venice Beach.


Check out Andrew B's Yelp review about us......

Best Pizza in Venice!
by AndrewB
May 25, 2009

This is the best place to eat at Venice Beach. Not only are the prices decent, but the food is amazing! Two adults and four kids all ate for about $20.00. We ate here for Memorial Day, and there was a lot of people in line. We decided that since there were a lot of people waiting, it must be a good place to eat. We were right! The line went fast, and the service was fast! The cheese pizza was good and the pesto pizza was amazing! We also tried the strawberry funnel cake and peach lemonade, all of which were good. I will definitely eat here every time I visit Venice!

Pros: Excellent food at an excellent price!

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Perhaps you might remember our previous restaurant, the ever popular "Larry Parker's Beverly Hills Diner" We were famous for the Haagen-Dazs milkshake that John Travolta ordered in the movie "Pulp Fiction" and Drew Barrymore's favorite vegetarian dishes and maybe having something for everyone.

Our Motto
If it don't make you proud,
Don't serve it to the crowd!!!

We believe in great food and the unexpected delights of quality for a good price. Our grilled potatoes served with grilled onions and peppers and fresh tomatillo salsa is only $1.00. For $1.00 you can also get a hot dog dipped in BBQ sauce with grilled onions and peppers. You haven't had Calamari as tasty as ours. Our Double Cheeseburger with fresh cut fries and a 20 oz. Soda is a favorite on the beach for $6.50.

We dip our Hot Dogs and Sausages in our own Smoky Sweet Mississippi style BBQ sauce and cover them in Grilled onions. Our Chili is made fresh right here!

Check out our handmade surfboard tables. They are so unique and popular we sell those, too! They make great artwork for your walls!

Also, check out our extensive collection of rare Beatles Videos that are for sale.

Party planning, themes, beach birthday parties, gift baskets, great food 365 days a year. Right Here... Rain or shine we stay open. You can always get a piece of fresh pizza for $1.00. Fresh pizza dough, sauce, and we shred the cheese right here fresh!

Photo of Venice Beach courtesy of www.cgstock.com.

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Member of the California Restaurant Association.

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